A New Wong Fei Hong?

rise of the legend


The famous Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hong has been portrayed in movies by such luminaries as Kwan Tak Hing, Jackie Chan, Vincent Zhao, and the incomparable Jet Li. With the new re-boot of the Wong Fei Hong saga, Rise of the Legend, set to release in 2015 many diehard fans of the martial arts genre question the choice of Eddie Peng as the new Wong Fei Hong. Eddie has no martial arts background like Jet Li, Jackie Chan or Vincent Zhao and this is causing uproar in some circles.


Whether Eddie is up for the task will remain to be seen. Mr. Peng is excited and nervous about bringing Wong Fei Hong back to the screen as he is well aware of the comparisons he will receive to Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Vincent Zhao. Eddie has the backing and confidence of director Roy Chow and has committed himself to training for the role. With Rise of the Legend proposed to be for an international audience will Eddie Peng live up to the name or falter? Only time will tell, but I for one am excited about a Wong Fei Hong reboot!

eddie pewng



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