MMA News Round Up and Recap

Another busy weekend for UFC fans as UFC on Fox 12 brought fans to their edge of their seats by Matt brown vs Robbie Lawler and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson’s COMPLETE dismantling of Rogeiro Nogueira. Good news for Robbie Lawler as he earns another shot at Johnny Hendricks. 

Get ready for UFC Fight Night August 16 which is headlined by Ryan Bader vs Ovince Saint Preux in a light heavyweight showdown. Check out the rest of the card here.  Where has Junior Dos Santos been hiding? Check out and find out what’s up with JDS.

Check out Dana White’s thoughts on UFC on Fox 12



MMA Hate?


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Is the NFL hating on the UFC during UFC 169 and Super Bowl weekend? Check out this article on and judge for yourself!

UFC on Fox 10 Results



It’s another UFC in the record books; UFC on Fox 10 is over. If you missed it or want a recap of the results of the fights click here. Want to hear from the fighters and Dana White? Got to the UFC on Fox 10 post fight press conference.

Get ready for more UFC action this Saturday as UFC 169 presents a stacked card!


Cung Le – The Making Of A Champion

Cung Le is a great fighter and a man who embodies the martial arts! Humble, skilled, and always improving!!!!

The Kung Fu Fan

Único representante do Sanshou no UFC. Cung Le já participou de diversos filmes de Kung Fu. Entre eles estão os mais recentes “The man with iron fists” e o ainda inédito no Brasil “The Grand Master”. Na verdade, Cung Le treinou desde pequeno Tae Kwon Do e Wrestling. Até que um dia foi convidado a participar de um campeonato de Sanshou, onde sagrou-se campeão. Desde então, não parou mais de lutar.

This videos shows a bit of life story of Cung Le. The onlye sanshou fighter competing in the UFC. Cung Le is also a big star in martial movies. His last work was a small part in the acclaimed Wong Kar-wai “The Grand Master” movie.

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