Heavy Hitters for Kickboxer remake!

The remake of JCVD’s classic  Kickboxer  just got more interesting! The full cast has been revealed and it includes some of today’s top martial arts stars. Already confirmed for the film was former UFC Champ George St. Pierre, Dave Bautista,  and Alain Moussi. Set to be directed  by Stephen Fung ( Tai Chi Zero and Hero) Kickboxer is looking to be very promising. Check out some clips of the stars and get a taste of what’s in store for Kickboxer!


Donnie Yen goes to the Jungle?



Martial Arts movie dynamo Donnie Yen is back with a teaser  trailer for the upcoming thriller Kung Fu Jungle.Kung Fu Jungle is  directed by Teddy Chan and also starring Wang Baoqiang. The teaser looks intriguing and slightly creepy and the small glimpses of action look very good.

The plot(taken from donnieyen.asia): A martial arts instructor working at a police academy gets imprisoned after killing a man by accident. But when a vicious killer starts targeting martial arts masters, the instructor offers to help the police in return for his freedom.

Check out the teaser and see if you wan to join Donnie Yen in the Kung Fu Jungle!




A New Wong Fei Hong?

rise of the legend


The famous Chinese folk hero Wong Fei Hong has been portrayed in movies by such luminaries as Kwan Tak Hing, Jackie Chan, Vincent Zhao, and the incomparable Jet Li. With the new re-boot of the Wong Fei Hong saga, Rise of the Legend, set to release in 2015 many diehard fans of the martial arts genre question the choice of Eddie Peng as the new Wong Fei Hong. Eddie has no martial arts background like Jet Li, Jackie Chan or Vincent Zhao and this is causing uproar in some circles.


Whether Eddie is up for the task will remain to be seen. Mr. Peng is excited and nervous about bringing Wong Fei Hong back to the screen as he is well aware of the comparisons he will receive to Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Vincent Zhao. Eddie has the backing and confidence of director Roy Chow and has committed himself to training for the role. With Rise of the Legend proposed to be for an international audience will Eddie Peng live up to the name or falter? Only time will tell, but I for one am excited about a Wong Fei Hong reboot!

eddie pewng


UFC on Fox 10 Results


(courtesy: mmajunkie.com)

It’s another UFC in the record books; UFC on Fox 10 is over. If you missed it or want a recap of the results of the fights click here. Want to hear from the fighters and Dana White? Got to the UFC on Fox 10 post fight press conference.

Get ready for more UFC action this Saturday as UFC 169 presents a stacked card!


MMA Global Domination!


(courtesy of globaltimes.cn)

Hey fellow MMA fans check out this article from globaltimes.cn on Chinese MMA. Are the fighting arts coming full circle? Will the Chinese be able to compete on a global level with Americans, Brazilians, and Japanese?  Time will tell, but for fans of MMA China’s entry into the world of mixed martial arts will be a fun journey to watch!

Special thanks to Bud Jenkins over at Kung Fu Tea for this article. Head over to the site for interesting discussions about the state of Chinese Martial Arts (historical and modern) and some interesting trends and challenges they face!

Donnie Yen tearing up the movie world


(courtesy of donnieyen.asia)

Donnie Yen is definitely Asia’s new leading martial arts star. His recently released Special ID ( a MMA heavy fight movie) was a success in Hong Kong and Mainland China thereby cementing his title as the new martial arts movie king! Not resting on his laurels Donnie has several other movies ready to be released this year:

The Monkey King ( Lunar New Year 2014)

The Iceman 3D ( remake of Yuen Biao’s The Iceman Cometh)!

The Last of the Best ( in production)

Donnie Yen is an extremely busy man, a hard worker, and a versatile martial artist. Check out  (Donnie’s official website) for more information!